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Curtain LED Display

Features of Curtain LED Display
LianTronics has large curtain LED displays in operation all over the world, including one that is 2,500㎡  and another one, installed 160m high, which is still functioning even after being hit by a typhoon twice. Choosing LianTronics means you are choosing reliability and experience.

1. Low power consumption achieved by using a computerized temperature sensor

2. High protection grade enables it to be used in outdoor or indoor environments

3. High transparency strengthens its resistance to wind

4. Designed with no fan and good heat dissipation, the LED screen operates noiselessly

5. Patented hanging mechanism together with a thin and light design makes it easy to install and maintain

6. Bright and clear images even in sunshine

7. Uniform and stable pictures make this a high performing LED screen

8. A long life span of 5-8 years or longer if well-maintained

System Diagram
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    Pixel Pitch: 7.8mm
    Panel Size: 500×1000mm


    Pixel Pitch: 10.4mm
    Panel Size: 500×1000mm

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